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Clear Şampuan 600 ml Men Cool Sport Mentol Kepeğe Karşı Etkili

Clear Men Cool Sport Mentol Kepeğe Karşı Etkili Şampuan, erkekler için özel olarak geliştirilmiş bir şampuandır. Kepek, yağlanma ve kaşıntı gibi saç derisi sorunlarını önlemeye yardımcı olur.

CLEAR has developed special solutions to help you stay dandruff and fit to prevent oily hair and scalp. Introducing the new Bio-Booster; A breakthrough technology that combines scalp care and skin care. Guar BB18, which strengthens the protective barrier of the scalp, helps your scalp to be moisturized and healthy thanks to Niacinamide and Amino Acids, which activate the natural defense molecules of your scalp. Bio Strengthener provides unmatched self-confidence and vitality by giving your scalp a new defensive power to help prevent the problem of recurrent dandruff altogether.

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